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Your love is so inspiring. So let's capture moments that feel completely authentic to your relationship rather than still and awkwardly posed images. My favorite moments captured are often the in between moments when you forget the camera is pointed your direction, the soft touches, and moments of pure joy.

I want to capture
your favorite moments.


what to expect during your experience

Before any shoot I always want to set up a Facetime consultation and get to know my couples. I want to hear your story, what inspires you and what images you are drawn to. During any shoot I will direct and post you. I strive to bring joy and energy to every shoot. My number one goal is to get my clients comfortable in front of the camera. I am always looking for split second interactions. I believe motion equals emotion! So don’t expect stiff and awkward posing.

I’ll be there when you need me giving direction and encouragement, but out of your way when you don’t. If you feel awkward, chances are that it will show in the photos. I know how uncomfortable it can feel to be standing in front of a camera. My goal is to make things as laid back as possible so you come away with photos that feel like you and not some preconceived pose we saw on Pinterest.

I went from dating to engaged to married to parenthood all while maintaining my business and those experiences have drastically shaped my ability to empathize with the people and situations around me. I approach every wedding as if it’s for my best friend or a family member. I photograph grandparents like I’d want my grandparents photographed and parents how I’d want to be photographed at my kid’s weddings someday. Connection is everything.

meet my associate, anna

Anna and I have been friends for years! She was my second shooter for 2 years and blew me away with her talent. I decided to add her to the team officially as an associate. Anna & I use the same equipment (Cannon girls for life) and I have trained her to mirror my style. You will have the incredible Hannah Faye Photo experience with Hannah or Anna. All image culling and final edits are done by Hannah

hannah's wedding package starting at $5,400

associate wedding package starting at $3,750

  • Complimentary consultation
  • Custom Wedding Day Timeline Creation
  • Online Print Store
  • Day- After Preview Photos 


package starting at $700

  • Complimentary consultation
  • Online Print Store 
  • Day- After Preview Photos 

couple's portraits

package starting at $625

  • Complimentary consultation
  • Online Print Store 
  • Day-After Preview Photos 

family portraits

Our Story

You’re obsessed with all things Madewell. 

You regularly crave warm chocolate chip cookies. My favorite recipe will forever and always be the classic Betty Crocker.

You’re excited to create unique and timeless images.

We're a good fit for you if...

"Thank you so much for capturing all these beautiful moments! Seriously I'm already so obsessed."

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